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Nature activities and gardens

  • La Folie de Finfarine
    Discover the 1001 secrets of the life of bees!
    For the whole family, enter the giant beehive (an interactive museum all about the life of bees). During the Honey & Bees activity, take part in opening of a beehive and making honey. Children over 4 years old can play in the Bee Garden which has been specially adapted to tell the story of bees for the smaller ones. For the bigger ones, follow the treasure hunt to find “The Lost Beehive”.
    For opening Hours and tariffs  www.finfarine.fr
    Distance from your campsite : 16 km


  • Parc floral et tropical de la Cour d’Aron
    Saint Cyr en Talmondais
    The tropical plant and flower park offers you a real tour of the world’s botanical heritage.
    Admire perennial and annual plants from across the 5 continents. Beyond the bamboo archways, banana trees and palm trees from China, you’ll find the Asian lotus which blooms from July. You’ll also discover the tropical hothouse, Japanese garden, Vendeen farm and rose garden.
    For opening hours and tariffs  www.lacourtdaron.com
    Distance from your campsite : 21 km


  • Le Potager extraordinaire (The Extraordinary Vegetable Garden)
    La Mothe Achard
    The extraordinary vegetable garden is a botanical collection of vegetables, classified by theme from all over the world.
    The garden has 4 main aims: conservation, collection of gourds and tomatoes, educational activities and guided visits.
    Successive gardeners have continued to build the collection with more than 1500 plant varieties, other than from the gourd family, with the aim of discovering new properties, curiosities and inventions from the vegetable world.
    For opening hours and tariffs  www.potagerextraordinaire.com
    Distance from your campsite : 37 km


  • Réserve naturelle nationale (National Nature Reserve)
    Saint Denis du Payré
    Despite the fact that since the reserve’s creation, 271 species of birds have been observed, this is not just a bird sanctuary. Like all nature reserves, it is first and foremost, a protected habitat for all its flora and fauna. Since 1976, naturalists have recorded: 339 plant species, 820 insect species, 91 spider species, 29 mammal species, 17 fish species, 11 amphibian species, 8 reptile species…
    In order to preserve this rich and peaceful habitat, access for visits and organised activities is restricted.
    For opening hours and tariffs www.reservenaturelle-saintdenisdupayre.fr
    Distance from your campsite : 31 km